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Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor SINOCOR™ AA750

Product description
AA750 as a monobasic organic polycarboxylic acid,is an ashless corrosion inhibitor in variety of water-based liquids.

CAS No.78521-39-8

Molecular structure

Molecular weight285.4 g/mol

Physicochemical properties

Product Appearance Composition
AA750 White or off-white wet solid Approximately75% actives, 25% water

Packaging specifications(or according to customer’s request for packing)

Product Bag(kg) Pallet(kg) 20’FCL(kg)
AA750 25 875 17500
AA750 800 800 16000


● Neutralized with alkali/alkanolamine performs as very effective ferrous metal corrosion inhibitor for steel,cast iron,ferroalloy etc.
● Applied in all types of water based systems Metalworking fluids(semi-synthetic and synthetic)
● Water treatment processes
● Press waters
● Industrial cleaners
● Off-shore lubricants
● Water based hydraulic fluids
● Water/glycol cooling systems


● Very effective corrosion inhibition for ferrous metals,cast iron,ferrous alloys at a pH values of >8
● Easy handling ,easy soluble,non dusting,odorless
● No sticky residues after water phase evaporation
● Low foaming
● Compatible with hard water up to 2000ppm
● No staining on aluminum (depending on amine used)
● No tendency to form Nitrite amine
● Higher thermal stability than metal soaps

Shelf life1 year (under airtight, dry and cool conditions)

This product is non-burning and non-burst, low toxicity, non-dangerous chemical goods

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