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Fact 1: The 80/20 Rule applies to awakening consciousness too. 80% of the problem arises from 20% of the process. That’s right, it’s not the multitude of problems nor the magnitude of them. It’s who you are being when you’re in relationship with them.


Who are you being as a body: open, powerful and fluid or rigid, defended and defeated?

Are you being a person who’s ability to meet the constantly changing flow of life is mirrored in her breath and the pulsations of his energy field?

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To Practice Big Yoga Means To Keep Choosing Life.

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To Practice Big Yoga Means To Keep Choosing Life.


All of our life experiences (in daily life, meditation, yoga etc.) are variations of the practice of being where we are with awareness, with presence, and with understanding.” The Unfolding Now, by A.H. Almaas.


It is impossible to divide your strength between heaven and hell or God and the ego and release your power to creation.” A Course in Miracles

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Exhausted? Overwhelmed? The Necessity of a Daily Practice

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Do you feel exhausted, defeated, helpless, overwhelmed?

Let’s face it, the scale of personal and global problems is daunting. How do we respond? How do we break free of our own cycles of confusion, fear, hopelessness and paralysis? How can we make positive change in our own lives and be useful to others?

The inside must match the outside for there to be real resonance so your actions stick and bear fruit.

You may not be able to control your circumstances but you can create the right conditions for creativity and innovation to thrive. You can anchor yourself to Truth so your actions come from love, and thereby seed more love. If your energy is centered and authentic, you will have a much more powerful impact in the world. Take your spiritual practice seriously. It makes a huge difference in you and in the world. It is the YIN to the YANG of your actions.

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The 108 Breaths of Bliss Experiment

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“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.” Thich Nhat Hanh


O-D-B is embarking on a 108 Breaths of Bliss Experiment. We’re mixing up our inspirational posts with pranayama posts. Some will be traditional ones and some won’t; the former you can do along with us, the latter you do on your own or you use as inspiration to make up your own. They’re breathing techniques to keep you in the flow of life, breathing like a yogi without looking like one. You know, lots of subtle ways to breathe a deeper, wider vision and a more nuanced perspective.

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Welcome to a community of people who are reaching for more out of life and who recognize that many of our struggles are not personal failings but part of a larger system that is losing it’s ability to define us.




Out of the death of the old order, we are birthing a new one. We are healing and awakening to our wisdom and compassion. We are owning our true gifts and our authentic leadership.


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