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What Is A Personal Guidance Session?

A 30 -45 minute Personal Guidance is a phone session for people who want to experience how energy healing can help them.


In our 20 years as energy healers, we’ve discovered that a small shift in a person’s body, thinking or energy field is often all that’s needed for the old pattern of imbalance to begin unravelling itself back to vitality.


You tell us what’s not working, what you want to change, we’ll read your field and help you make the shift.

You get us, one on one, for a completely confidential, laser-focused healing session. This is not therapy, advice or a chakra or psychic reading. This is a Soul to Soul Talk aimed at finding the leverage point that opens the constellation of your energy field to become a better match for the frequency of what you’re longing for in your life.

It’s not miracles. It doesn’t change everything in 30 minutes. But, it’s a chance to be really seen and met at a deeper level than your personality; it helps you connect with your true power,

it does shift your field and it may be one of those encounters that moves you forward or even helps you change course.


What others are saying…


” Elizabeth is a real teacher, healer and yogi who profoundly understands the therapeutic and transformative effects of yoga. She has a true passion to share her gifts and help others heal.” Cynthia Nixon,  Actor


“I got in touch with what I want in life and that has brought me joy.” Jill Z, psychotherapist


“I now have the tools to be both grounded and hold a higher vision for myself and I can begin that journey.” Daniella S, make-up artist.


How to schedule a session…

Email us directly at breathe@our-daily-breath.com. Include your phone number so we can call you and schedule a session.

We’ll need a credit card number to reserve your spot. After the call, we’ll charge your card $27.00.

If you need to reschedule, please try to do so 24 hours prior. Absentees have 24 hrs. after the call before we charge you.

How to prepare…

Give yourself 30-45 minutes of undisturbed time in a place where you can speak freely and not be interrupted.

We create sacred space for you, just like you would experience if you walked into our healing room. It’s important to give yourself the space you need to get the clarity and healing you deserve.

We also recommend you do the exercise on the confirmation email you receive after booking your session.




What Is Full Energy Field Analysis?


Energy First


Everything, including you, is energy first. Your body, breath, emotions and thoughts reflect the habitual patterns first established in your energy field. Our energy habits create a response loop that is difficult to see but effect every level of our lives. In fact, our energy fields create the lens through which we experience reality.


A Full Energy Field Analysis, looks at the different dimensions(physical, emotional, mental, relational, life’s work, creative visionand connection to purpose) of your energy field as an energeticecosystem that becomes your way of experiencing the world.


Where it is aligns, you are happy, your life is working . Where it does not, you’re not happy and life isn’t working the way you know it could. Your energy field is a multifaceted, living system. As a system, your energy field’s job is to be self-perpetuating. A field that is stuck in repeating loops is a field in stasis or decay. Change is hard when weare wired to recreate our past.

Your Transformation Demystified


Change doesn’t have to be so hard. You may be wired to recreate your past but, that is the smaller you. It is really just a sub-personality. The authentic you, who is longing to take the reins of your life, has a very different energy field configuration. It is a field that is moving and evolving.

An Energy Field Analysis is a map of how you habitually use (or misuse)your energy. It is also a unique blueprint of your healing journey. It includes:

   An In-depth Chakra Analysis
   A Personalized Healing Plan
   5 Simple Practices You Can Do Right Now To Be The Energy of Who You Want To Be
   Clearing and Charging the First Three Chakras and Levels of the Field
   An Energy Healing so You Experience the Living Evolving Field of Your Authentic Self

Sessions are done in-person or long distance by phone or Skype.

90 minutes. $300.

For more information or to schedule a session, email


Integral Energy Healing


Is there one area of your life that you really struggle with? Do you long to be free of negative patterns and start living an extraordinary life ? Are you looking to grow from your challenges, be happy, find a measure of control in a fast-changing world and make a difference?

Health, love and money issues (chakras 1, 2 and 3) are the most common areas where our old programming shows up and blocks us from the fulfillment we’re longing for.

In healing work, you are guided through the maze, to the level of cause- so you can release the pattern, be grateful for the lesson it has taught you and freely, consciously choose to create what you want.

Integral Energy Healing can help you:

    • Have more energy and youthful vitality.

    • Heal chronic pain and feel good in your body.

    • Be happy again.

    • Experience true intimacy.

    • Discover and/or thrive in your true calling.

    • Tap into your inner wisdom and use it to guide your life.

    • Recover a deep sense of peace that can shift the energy in an entire room.

As your healers, we support you with over thirty years of body/mind/energy centered therapies and as many years of spiritual practice and study. We believe that crisis, challenges and change are always a call for us to evolve.

With the right support, we can avoid contracting and use those times to expand into the potential we are meant to be. It’sour passion to help people whose lives have taken them to this point; people who are ready, despite their circumstances, to say yes to the call to reinvent a bigger, more loving life for themselves.

When you open up to this evolutionary current within, the universe will step up to meet you and miracles happen. It must, it is the law. We see this over and over again in our clients.

Life has a way of squeezing out our innate optimism. We develop the habit of filtering all experience by referencing the past. We lose touch with the creative impulse behind every unfolding moment and with the infinite nature of our souls.

All healing takes place in the NOW and in a relationship that sees your infinite nature. It is about the development of the soul. The soul develops when we learn how to be in the moment.

The constellation of your body, beliefs and life experience is as unique as your essence. This is why we create a unique healing plan just for you, that helps you focus on any level of your being from your body, to your relationships, to your life purpose. Unlike other types of work that only use talk therapy or life coaching or only address the physical body, we engage all of you. We also work on your energy body with a number of very specific energy techniques that work on all levels of your being, including the cellular and past life.

True transformation is deep, like metamorphosis. It actually means to change the template, the grid through which your energy flows.) Good Energy Healing does change lives. It gets you moving in the direction of your dreams. Specific, focused, individualized energy work coupled with deep dialogue, a leveraged action plan, accountability and a supportive environment really will transform, maybe even transfigure you.

If you are interested in learning more about healing work, scheduling a session and our fees, please email us at


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