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Our passion is opening the body, mind and energy field to embody the highest, most creative, most pure reflection of essence in us all.

Our divine obsession is Embodiment because we cannot live awakened lives if we cannot embody, metabolize and be nourished by all of our experience. This is the supreme life skill. It’s do-able, it’s usually step-by-step and it’s teachable. It’s what we do.

We define success as living and giving as your purest reflection of essence (and, hopefully, making things better) while staying firmly grounded in a demanding, modern life. This is the new spiritual path.

This level of awakening roots and flourishes when supported by constant, flowing life energy – from your diet, your practices, your intention and follow through, your creative expression and your support systems.

We’ve been pioneers, reporting from the front of the awakening body/mind for over 30 years. To us, nothing is more grand and mysterious than the emerging field of creative evolution arising in movement of energy, the body, consciousness and relationships among two or many. Inevitably, old forms dissolve, new forms arise, flow and re-pattern themselves in elegant inevitability.

In the 80′s, when we were dancers, we were so sick of regurgitating someone else’s movement vocabulary that we spent a year lying on the floor – vowing not to move unless it was from pure impulse. When we started moving again, we were tracing the spiral flows of energy through the body and space. Then we taped out shapes on the floor and moved energy around and through them, getting to know how geometric forms effect the dynamics of moving energy.

In the 90′s we developed and taught Cellular Awareness at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Inspired by the work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother (and her book, The Mind of the Cells), this movement curriculum was devoted to exploring the conscious evolution of the cells. It became an organic unwinding of an evolutionary code Aurobindo claimed was enfolded in the cells. Invariably, these early forays into the ‘we space’ became group experiences of spontaneous and often mystical creativity.

Today, what was once a more monastic path is now in the fast lane. What it means to be spiritual and live an enlightened life has changed. Over 35 million of us are doing yoga. Imagine if we all had the skill to know how to set up a pose as a geometric form to move stagnant energy out and replenish with clear, conscious life force? If we understood energy, we would know that our story does not have to define us and that we have alternatives. We would seek out help to change deeply ingrained patterns and to deal with debilitating circumstances.

We’re being called meet the changing demands of our lives, and be creative and enlightened. We’re being asked to walk in two worlds and integrate spirit and matter competently and instantly.

In our own lives, we’re certainly being challenged more than ever before. And, we are living proof that this stuff works. These skills belong in everyone’s bag of tricks. They will save your life as they have saved ours many times over. It boils down to the skill of learning how to shift your energy into high gear and match the vibration of the change you want or, better yet, the vibration of the potential you are.

It’s time for all of us to get free and pour out our love. We honor the gift you are.


Elizabeth and Bruce

A Few Highlights:

Work as Yogis

Owners/Directors Namaste Yoga Center, NYC, 2002-present.
Designed and taught workshops, retreats, immersion and teacher training programs.
Yoga teacher, private yoga therapist, 1999-present.

Work as Healers
Private healing practices, 1992-present.
Co-deans and creators of Creative Arts and Healing Dept., Barbara Brennan School of Healing, 8 years.
Developed 3 concentrations in the relationship of art and healing.
Producers/Elders with a rainbow tribe of shamans in over 35 healing ceremonies
with groups of 20 – 400 people.
Teachers, Barbara Brennan School of Healing, 9 years.

Work as Entrepreneurs
Co-owners Bodystrength Fitness, NYC, 1992-present.
Co-owners Life in Motion Yoga, NYC, 1996-present.
Founder, Energy Yoga Method, 2007-present.

Barbara Brennan School of Healing, 4-year training.
Barbara Brennan School of Healing, 2-year teacher training.
Center for Intentional Living, 2-year training in developmental and transpersonal psychology.
Katonah Yoga 2-yr. Certification with Nevine Michaan.

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