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Our Daily Breath

is a free, almost-daily reminder to choose to think, act and be that
which adds to life; and when you do, you engage in a powerful shaping
of your reality.


From time to time, we all
forget but, we all do have the power to change our own lives and the
lives of others. This involves growing the capacity to stay in the
game, to really see what’s going on and to be an advocate for love.


If you’re on this road, you
know it’s not easy. But, even if we could, we wouldn’t go back to being
unconscious. Still – we need help; we need to share; we need each other.


is to provide you with the support and the systems to embrace your
healing, awakening and leadership.
Drawing on ancient wisdom (especially yoga) and the latest thinking in
science, philosophy and modern life, we’re building a community of
evolutionaries, enlightened entrepreneurs and spiritual activists
committed to making this awakening process relevant and real: in your
body, your relationships, your career and your life.


We’re here to support you with
inspiration and information on conscious evolution, powerful daily
practices to clear and charge your energy field, practice circles and
group coaching, healing and yoga programs and, of course, private
healing work.


We invite you to contribute
your energy and your voice to our collective field so we can all pull
together and support one another in creating the true, lasting, deep
change we and our world are aching for.





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