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As Above So Below


Everything is energy. Everything is pattern. Your beliefs, thoughts, energy, emotions, breath, body fluids, tissue and bone are little energy packets orbiting in repeating patterns. These layers intermingle. Some are more dense than others but all are subtle variations on a theme. This is why your body changes yet you remain, more or less the same. (Every seven years all your cells are completely replaced by new ones but you are still you.)


This is also why healing and transformative work that does not include all levels of being, that mainly works on the mental level, is not integral and doesn’t really stick.


Yet, even though we are a synchronized symphony of energetic frequencies marching to the same beat, we can introduce higher frequencies and align with higher organizing principals. We can heal the body and evolve our being. We can awaken and live as our higher selves.


Energy Yoga Therapy


In Energy Yoga Therapy, we look at how we, as expressions of life, move, pulsate, coordinate and organize energy as we transpose energy into matter into energy into matter etc. This is the process of living we share with all life. When we get stuck, when we prematurely slow down or rush ahead only to crash and burn; when we get injured, sick, fired, divorced, anxious or depressed it is fundamentally about our energy. Everything on the outside is a mirror revealing where we disconnect from the flow of the universe inside us. The guru is everywhere. Before we enclosed ourselves in a bag of skin, we were consciousness pulsating with life connected to a cosmic matrix of pulsating information – as above, so below.

When we shift our energy metabolism out of the closed system that imbalances our bodies, emotions and minds, we stop draining the life out of us. When we shift into an open system interwoven into a rhythmically pulsating matrix, we add more life to us – as below, so above.


Aligning to this living grid acts is an organizing principal. It helps us develop structure and equilibrium. It glides fields of tissue, rhythms of breath, and widening perception away from old feedback loops toward more elegant, functional, creative and evolving organization. These two keys, the relationship between form and flow, reconnect us as a body and a soul in oscillating harmony with the primary energy of life.


This is the engine that drives the healing response. It is in water seeking equilibrium; nature balancing forces in seasonal cycles and time offering healing and forgiveness.


108 Breaths of Bliss


Energy is carried on the wave of breath. Pranayama and other conscious breathing practices are powerful ways to unravel old feedback loops that separate us from being in relationship to the flow of consciousness.

We’ve added 2 new breathing videos for you to try.


Hara Breath


Think of this as emotional first aid or as a practice before you start your day. It can be done anywhere. It roots your energy and makes you more bio-electrically alive. You’re less threatened, less defensive and less reactive. You’re better connected to your truth and your real power. You’re in flow consciousness.



Deep Release Breath


As you melt chronic tension patterns in the diaphragm and hips that contribute to anxiety and/or exhaustion, you feel a fundamental sense of safety and support. Remembering your origin as energy, you restore and revitalize body and soul – as above, so below, as below, so above.


Humanity’s next step is to master how we use our energy for our health and well-being and for creating a sustainable world. It will lift us to a new structure of consciousness. Yet, it starts with an intention, and a breath. It’s both macro and micro; very real and very intimate and we’re all breathing as one.


In loving service,



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