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Mary Reilly-Nichols – The Cooling Breath, a Harvard Pranayam

Recently, I sat down with one of our extraordinary Life in Motion Yoga teachers, Mary Reilly-Nichols.

Last May, Mary was one of eight Harvard grads asked to give a “Life Talk” at her 35th reunion.


She recalls how she told the crowd about an awakening experience she had with her guru, Swami Muktananda. Then she explains how we can ‘reverse engineer’ spiritual experiences with wise use of yoga postures and breath.


We’ve added her to The 108 Breaths of Bliss Experiment because she also demonstrates the very simple, yet powerful pranayama she taught the Harvard grads.


This is something we can do anywhere, anytime to change our physiology as well as our consciousness.


Participate in your evolution with these practices. You will benefit personally. The people you touch will benefit. With this small thing, you actually contribute to the evolution of consciousness itself.


Lest we get overwhelmed, start with your breath, your body and cultivate your experience of peace in real time. Mother Teresa said it best, “We cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love.”


View Elizabeth’s interview with Mary: Yoga Meditation Technique for Harvard Grads Relaxes Anxiety

You can find out more about Mary at her site www.meditationmary.com and at The Nalanda Institute, where she is on the faculty www.nalandascience.org.


Don’t be shy about sharing your comments and experiences, please.

With Palms Together,


Elizabeth and Bruce


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