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Energy Healing Client Interview

Have you ever wondered what energy healing can do for you?

Take a peak inside the healing room and find out. In this interview Bruce talks with one of our clients, Barbara (a nurse) about what led her to getting energy work, her journey with it and how it has changed her personal and professional life.
It’s a great description of what to expect from the healing process.

Our Daily Breath Client Interview

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2 Responses to Energy Healing Client Interview

  1. Carol Maher says:

    Wonderfull site! Great ideas and easy for people to understand.
    I’m looking forward to getting in touch with you both if possible. I
    live in Maine now and haven’t been doing any healing work yet.
    I don’t know how much call for it here. My husband and I separated
    about a year ago. I might be interested in coming to NYC to see
    you some time. I might be interested in putting up a website too.
    I guess I’ve had kind of a hard time with the
    breakup and having to move up here from Miami.

    Great seeing you in NY! Maybe in NYC soon? Carol

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