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Energy Healing Client Interview

Have you ever wondered what energy healing can do for you? Take a peak inside the healing room and find out. In this interview Bruce talks with one of our clients, Barbara (a nurse) about what led her to getting … Continue reading

Oy, It’s Spiritual Warrior Time Again!

  “When the Gods deal defeat to a person, they first take his mind away, so that he sees things wrongly.” from the Mahabharata   Use Seasonal Energy to Evolve   Autumn is Warrior Season: time to ruthlessly rid ourselves … Continue reading

Practice The Religion Of Kindness

“Compassionate action involves working with ourselves as much as others.” Pema Chodron   “I practice one religion and that religion is kindness.” His Holiness The Dalai Lama   From my own many years of struggle, I can tell you that not … Continue reading

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